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Dedicated Containers by Just Chairs and More


For chains and distributors with warehouse space, let our staff show you how to save with dedicated containers. Ideal for large shipments direct from the factory floor, to your door. Every item built to your exact standards. Available in partial KD (knock-down), or fully assembled. All transport and landing costs included. We do the work, and you save time and money! Just send an email via our contact page for more information.




Just Chairs and More! We are defined by the adjective of "just". Our products and business are built in regard to fairness and honor. We strive to provide superior quality seating to the hospitality industry, backed with a premium 5 year warranty.  Our complete furniture line includes all types of indoor and outdoor seating from banquet, to space-saver quickship and hand tufted booths... even plywood outdoor stackable. Distribution FOB Stone Mountain GA.



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